Winner of the Best Film Award at the Hotchkiss Film Festival 2014.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, "Solus" follows the protagonist and illustrates the hardships and realities of a world destroyed by the human hand. This hyper realistic film is strongly based on solipsism and causes the audience to question reality.

The Network Society

Everyone is connected somehow and it's most likely due to social media. Every day we live in a social net that links everyone to a common thread. The Network Society explores this concept and illustrates how everyone is connected, we may just not know it.

Music: K-391 - Dream Of Something Sweet


A short film made with Relativity Workshops. A young woman finds out that when she deletes a contact on her phone, they disappear in real life. What could one do with this power? Filmed at Los Angeles Center Studios. Filmed and edited in two days.


A black and white silent short made with Relativity Workshops 2014. A bored office worker finds a trash bin with a supernatural aspect.


A short film made with Relativity Workshops 2014. Two girls of opposite personalities become friends while cheating on a test. All seems like a good plan until they realize a catastrophic flaw in the end.


Yangshuo 2014

Shot completely by GoPro cameras. This video shows the activities we did in Yangshuo, China for a school trip. Music by C2C - "The Cell" On and On Records (2012)